Mizuno Wave Shadow 5 (Female)


Mark mizuno

LThe Mizuno Wave Shadow 5 continues to be a lightweight and responsive option particularly popular for tempos, intervals and competitions.ENERZY foam is used under the heel for a softer landing while the foam under the forefoot is slightly firmer to provide dynamic propulsion. The wavy WAVE plate helps the foam absorb shock while increasing the responsiveness of the shoe.



  • Mizuno Enerzy: Enerzy foam provides flexibility and resilience to the midsole without compromising performance characteristics.
  • Mizuno Wave: Flexible in length and stable in width, the WAVE plate inserted in the midsole guides movement and absorbs shock in comfort while maintaining a dynamic feel.
  • U4ic: Component of the midsole that ensures optimal shock absorption.
  • X10: Durable material integrated into the outsole that provides good traction and prolongs the life of the shoe.


Type Performance
Category Road
Support Neutral
Inclination 8 mm
Weight 8.5oz

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