You need a goal for the next seasonn?

You seek to improve yourself while having fun, with an adapted plan and an effective training structuree?

Do not hesitate any longer, choose your group and join us! We aim for pleasure and health, but why not try to improve in the process?

The running club of the Endurance Shop was created for the first time in January 2006. The objective of the club at that time was to promote running by offering specialized support for runners.

In the first year, 8 runners registered with the’Endurance team . Over the years, the number of runners has gradually increased. In 2017 and 2018, more than 100 runners have registered at our various clinics during the year. Besides, we have different groups to meet the needs of almost all runners. Starting from the runner who begins by going to the marathon runner who wants to improve, again and again.ore.

Virtual running clinic 2021

2020 will have taught us to adapt and be creative. This is why in 2021, the Endurance boutique running club is offering you a brand new formula for spring. A virtual approach that aims to unite us from a distance.e.

It's a 16 week training plan, including running, weight training and stretching. The race training plan will be adapted to your needs and your schedule, since there will be several options for weekly frequencies and distances.ces).

There will be a Facebook live each week to share the Wednesday evening interval session with you. The live will always take place on Monday evening at 6 p.m..

There will also be a zoom session on Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. for advice, to answer your questions and to give you some solutions when obstacles are in your way.

Finally and in order to give you a more personalized service, I and Pierre are at your entire disposal to answer all your questions by email. (Dominic Royer) (Pierre Léveillé)

For the registration fee, the cost is 150 for the 16 weeks.. 


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