For 25 years, the expert advisers at Boutique Endurance have analyzed your biomechanics and provided you with the best choice of shoes, whether you are a neutral runner, pronator or supinator.

Neutral or universal runner

The neutral runner is the easiest to put on. His stride is stable. At the reception, the knees, ankles and feet are aligned. The advisers of Boutique Endurance will direct the neutral runner towards a shoe without arch support.

Pronator runner

The pronator runner has a foot that turns inward, sagging the arch of the foot and developing an angle between the ankle and the heel. This movement is a cause of stress on the soles of the feet and can bring many other problems. Using the right shoe with good arch support can solve the problem.

Supinator runner

The supinator runner has one foot that turns outward, that is, the runner lands on the outside of the sole of the foot. The shoes will be easily worn on the heel and outside of the soles. The expert advisers of Boutique Endurance will advise you on a neutral running shoe.