$ 105 (before taxes)

The Endurance Boutique offers a training planning service for athletes who want to optimize their training for a personal goal.

Ideal service for:

  • Cyclist - road and track
  • Triathlete - cycling and running
  • Walker (se)
  • Runner - all distances (0 to ultra)
  • Traileur (se) - any distance (0 to ultra)
  • Curious (se)
  • Sportsman wishing to supplement his training with an aerobic base tailor-made
  • Professional wishing to find a balance between sport and lifestyle
  • Contemplator wishing to start physical activity on the right foot

The physical condition assessment in a few points:

  • 2 appointments in store with a kinesiologist:
    • One assessment (75-90 minutes)
    • A report and / or training plan (45 minutes)
  • Body composition analysis
  • Aerobic fitness, muscle endurance and flexibility tests
  • Updating personal training settings
  • Interpretation of the results obtained
  • Possibility of follow-up to longitudinal training with a kinesiologist (training planning prices per mesocycles extra)

Would you like to learn more about the personalized training planning services offered at the Endurance Boutique?

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- Email us kin.endurance@gmail.com