Ciele NSBTShirt Stacked (M)

Distributer Ciele

the NSBTShirt - Stacked - elemental combines the comfort and cooling effect of organic cotton with the breathability and ease of drying of recycled polyester to offer an uncompromising sweater, ready for any eventuality of an active lifestyle. . we've added retractable reflectors for the eventuality of an impromptu nighttime run, flat-tie seams for comfort, and a natural anti-microbial cover to ward off those odors that get in the way of an active daily life. the water-based print is designed for breathability to prevent the sweater from becoming uncomfortable during a race outing, as is the case with other printed sweaters.

here is the not-so-basic athletic skye t-shirt. catalyst for an active lifestyle, to be worn every day.


– 60% organic cotton.
– 40% recycled polyester.
– reflective details.
– seams tied flat.
– natural anti-microbial coverage.
– water-based prints designed for performance.
– machine washable.
– one million mile warranty.
– weight:185 grams.
– designed for anyone who runs.