Combo:VMA Test + Personalized 16-Week Race Plan



This combo offers you an evaluation to know your maximum aerobic speed (MAV), as well as a running program and a 16-week follow-up by a kinesiologist:

The meeting with the kinesiologist lasts 60 minutes and includes the following points:

  • A VMA test on mats according to the VAMEVAL protocol
  • An analysis of your stride according to your pace at each stage
  • Assessing and defining your goals
  • Sharing your training speeds
  • The development of a 16-week training program (sent in the days following the meeting)
  • Follow-up by email with the kinesiologist and adjustment of the plan as needed

These plans and assessments are for all runners, from beginner to advanced.

*** BY APPOINTMENT ONLY *** The assigned kinesiologist will call you following the online purchase.