Garmin Forerunner 745



Combining sophisticated training tools and smart functionality, the latest Garmin Forerunner watch is not only designed for sports, but also for everyday living. To turn your movements into data and help you train smarter, it features built-in GPS and sensors that calculate your speed and distance traveled. But since this data is not the only factor to consider in evaluating your performance, the watch also takes into account external conditions, such as altitude and temperature, to provide you with precise information about your workout. Plus, the Elevate optical heart rate monitor picks up your heart rate directly from your wrist. And when you pair the watch with a smartphone running the Garmin Connect app, it reveals a whole new usefulness in everyday life by letting you track your activities, receive notifications, access your music playback apps, read weather reports, and more. If you'd rather leave your phone at home, that's fine - the watch can store hundreds of songs and podcasts.ados.

  • Modes for cycling, running, swimming, multisport and workouts eg. : bike-race; transition between activities with a single buttonon
  • Daily exercise suggestions according to your load and training statust
  • Garmin Coach feature providing free, personalized training plans to improve your time on your next 10k or half marathon, or just to train smarter
  • Upload or create training plans on Garmin Connect and sync plans from other applications like TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, etc..
  • Ability to listen to music via Bluetooth connection, and download playlists and podcasts from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer subscription requireduis)
  • Automatically sync your playlists from a streaming service when connected to a Wi-Fi networki
  • 500 song storage capacity
  • ClimbPro mode showing slope, total elevation and elevation profile
  • Integrate pre-downloaded or added pre-downloaded or added along the way Strava subscription-required segments using your phone, and display favorite segments and results as they endent
  • Body Battery Energy Monitor monitors your energy levels throughout the day by tracking your activity, rest periods, meals and more to help you plan your workoutt
  • Garmin Pay app to make contactless payments if your financial institution allows itt)
  • Elevate optical heart rate monitor suitable for swimming, featuring a red LED providing measurements taken by the pulse oximeter
  • Display of physiological data including VO2 max, race time forecast, recovery aid and a performance indicator
  • Training load using data from the last seven days of workouts to determine if you are training too much, too little, or just enough
  • Compatibility with data sensors for running sold separatelyt)
  • LiveTrack function from a paired phone to share your location and training dataent
  • Incident detection function sends a message to your emergency contacts in the event of an accident through a paired smartphone
  • Assistance mode transmitting a message and a LiveTrack link to allow your loved ones to follow your locationn
  • Connect to GPS, GLONASS and Galileo signals, and cache the position of satellites for a fast and reliable connection
  • UltraTrac mode reduces the frequency of data logging by the GPS to conserve battery power
  • 24/7 activity tracking to detect your level of fitness and guide you towards a more active lifestyle
  • Sleep tracking mode monitors your rest and breathing, showing total hours of sleep as well as periods of restful sleep
  • Automatic data sync with a paired phone running the Connect app
  • Compatible with ANT and Bluetooth Smart sensors, such as pedometers as well as speed, cadence and power sensorse
  • Access to the Connect IQ store to download apps, models, data fields, watch faces and other functions
  • Internal GPS providing basic waypoint navigation
  • Return to departure function directing you by bird flight to the starting point of your activityté


Technical characteristics


Ideal for
  • triathlon
  • race
  • road bike
  • casual outfit
mineral crystal glass
Strap material silicone
Dimensions 4.4 x 4.4 x 1.3 cm
Alarm reminder no
Timer Yes
Stopwatch Yes
12/24 h display format Yes
  • Usb
  • wireless
Dial Diameter 22 mm
Low battery signal Yes
  • Garmin Connect
  • third party apps
advanced functions
Cardiometer Yes
Distance / time alarm Yes
Training intervals Yes
Bluetooth Yes
sold separately
Battery life 6-336 h
Chest strap sold separately
Metric / Imperial units of measure Yes
sold separately
Low battery indicator Yes
Area calculation no
Tide table no
Memory card do not accept
sold separately
Touchscreen no
Recording of workouts Yes
Wireless synchronization Yes
Wireless Yes
Button lock Yes
Batterys) lithium-ion includede)
Haptic feedback Yes
Dial Diameter 44 mm
Replaceable strap Yes
Ecological characteristic Rechargeable batteries
Manufacturing Taiwan

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