Kronobar Beet & Matcha

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Our BIO Beetroot-Matcha sports drink is the ally of athletes!

Beets are known to improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles. In addition, the energy source of this drink is 100% natural and organic with herbs and plants, mainly Japanese matcha and seaweed extracts. This composition avoids undesirable side effects such as tremors and palpitations, often encountered when taking an energy drink.

Composed of 100% natural and organic ingredients, this drink should be consumed 30 minutes before exercise and / or at any time during exercise. Greatly appreciated by athletes, it contributes in a natural and significant way to the improvement of sports performance.

And to take advantage of the FREE DELIVERY , opt instead for our set Indoor training  combining your Beetroot-Matcha drink as well as 8 flavors of Kronobar energy and protein bars!

Finally a pre-workout WITHOUT side effects of tingling on the skin, tremors or hyperactivity!

One jar = 21 servings

Why choose the sports drink Beetroot-Matcha?

  • the matcha is known to increase performance, endurance and increase basal metabolism.
  • Thebeet increases the presence of nitric oxide which plays a role in blood circulation and muscle contraction to improve muscle performance because they require less oxygen to perform the same effort.

When to take it?

  • 30 minutes before exercise for an activity of one hour or less.
  • At the start of exercise during activity lasting longer than an hour, to provide a source of energy and help keep you well hydrated.
  • During exercise, to provide you with a source of energy and to help keep you well hydrated.