Kronobar Electrolytes Citrus


Kronobar is proud to present this unique and certified organic electrolyte concentrate. True to our nature, we have combined natural and organic foods, including fruits, seaweed and botanical extracts that deliver perfectly balanced electrolyte content, without using isolated purified minerals. A healthy option for your active lifestyle.e vie actif.

The watermelon flavor is sure to satisfy fans of tropical flavors. The citrus flavor offers a refreshing experience, nothing better to satisfy thirst. Both flavors have been expertly studied to optimize hydration before, during and after exercise for optimal performance.timale.

KEY INGREDIENTS:: Coconut water, seaweed extracts (Phymatolithon Calcareum and Lithothamnium Corrallioides), apple cider vinegar, unrefined sea salt..

INGREDIENTS: Cane sugar *, Coconut water *, Tapioca fiber (isomalto-oligosaccharides) *, Seaweed extracts (Phymatolithon Calcareum and Lithothamnium Corrallioides), Lemon juice powder *, Cider vinegar powder *, Malic acid, Salt of sea, Natural flavors *..

*Organic. Certified organic by Ecocert Canada (133617))

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE:Mix one scoop (14 g) of Kronobar powder in 300 ml of cold water and consume during physical activity and within 30 minutes afterwards, or throughout the day.ée.

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