Mizuno Wave Rider 25 (Female)

By Mizuno

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, this iconic shoe from the Mizuno range will not disappoint Wave Rider regulars. The all-new MIZUNO ENERZY midsole on top and heel, along with the new parallel-shaped corrugated plate, combine to give the most propulsive and smooth ride in the 25-year history of this beloved shoe.



  • MIZUNO WAVE: Flexible in length and stable in width, the WAVE plate inserted in the midsole guides movement and absorbs shock in comfort while maintaining a dynamic feel.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY: Enerzy foam provides flexibility and resilience to the midsole without compromising performance characteristics.
  • U4ic: Component of the midsole that ensures optimal shock absorption.
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh upper

Type Training
Category Road
Support Neutral
Inclination 12 mm
Weight 8.3 oz