New Balance Fuelcell Prism (Men's)

$112.00 $140.00

The Fuelcell Prism is the perfect union of stability and lightness. In addition to Fuelcell foam, the midsole features mid-height support for a responsive ride with the right amount of support. The soft, lightly structured upper is inspired by New Balance's high-performance models.ce.


  • Fuelcell: Part of the most dynamic midsole at New Balance. The slightly softer density in the forefoot allows for easy and dynamic propulsion..
  • Medial Post: Support under the arch that helps reduce pronation movement..
  • N-Durance: Rubber under the sole which increases the durability of the shoe.


Type Training
Category Road
Support Pronation
Inclination 6 mm
Weight 244 grams 8.6 ozz)