ON Cloudboom (Male)


Mark On

The Cloudboom has a Speedboard incorporating carbon fibers for more speed and explosiveness. A layer of ultralight technical mesh limits weight and temperature. Reinforced forefoot sections provide stability for tight turns on asphalt. Paired with a new traction pattern on the sole, that's all you need for your fastest marathon.ide.


  • Speedboard with carbon fibers: Plate between the CloudTec midsole and the upper. It works in synchronization with CloudTec to transmit optimal propulsion.
  • CloudTec: Technology favoring a soft absorption followed by a dynamic push. Adaptable rubber Cloud elements dampen vertical and horizontal forces for a soft landing..
  • Helion: Helion super-foam provides uncompromising energy return and cushioning..


Type Competition
Category Road
Support Neutral
Inclination 9 mm
Weight 225 g 7.94 ozz)


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