Salomon Active Skin 8 Set (Women's)

Distributer Salomon

Inspired by the best trail running athletes, this generous volume hydration vest is ideal for discovering the discipline and gaining the confidence to go longer distances. Focused on comfort and offering a precise fit, the ACTIVE SKIN 8 for women is flexible and adapted to your morphology; it has lowered pockets for bottles as well as a pipette for easier drinking. Not to mention the modular storage spaces.


  • SensiFit™ adapted to the female morphology
  • Comfortable fit through the chest, narrow shoulders and cropped shape. Curved straps, similar in shape to the cups of a bra, in two-way stretch to adapt to the female morphology. The ideal fit prevents any sloshing without hindering breathing.
  • This innovative chest strap construction allows the bag to be adjusted and tightened quickly, even without stopping. The elastic strap also makes it easier to breathe during intense activities.
  • 2 softflasks of 500 ml for women, pipette included
  • Specially designed for the female morphology, this triangular bottle is placed under the breast to eliminate any pressure point at this level. Pipette included for easy drinking with a simple squeeze of the bottle.
  • Expandable front pockets store essentials you need to access during exercise.
  • Designed to accommodate Salomon softflasks, these front pockets reduce the sloshing effect. Top elastic loops keep your bottles perfectly within reach.
  • Thanks to this elastic key hook, you no longer need to detach your keys from the bag to use them.