Salomon ADV Skin 5 Set (Women's)

Distributer Salomon

There is nothing more demanding than an endurance race. If not an endurance runner. That's why this updated version of the ADV SKIN 5 for women is designed to maximize your feelings of comfort and freedom. This model still meets the essential criteria, such as easy access to hydration, while providing a stable and precise fit, adapted to the morphology of women; without forgetting the ultra-versatile storage. This 5 liter version is ideal for short distance races.


  • Comfortable fit through the bust, narrow shoulders and a cropped shape. Curved straps, similar in shape to the cups of a bra, in two-way stretch to adapt to the female morphology. The ideal fit prevents any sloshing without hindering breathing.
  • This innovative chest strap construction allows the bag to be adjusted and tightened quickly, even without stopping. The elastic strap also makes it easier to breathe during intense activities.
  • Specially designed for the female morphology, this triangular bottle is placed under the breast to eliminate any pressure point at this level. Pipette included for easy drinking with a simple squeeze of the bottle.
  • Internal hydration bladder compartment with hook, compatible with all 2L hydration bladders.
  • Expandable front pockets to store the essentials you need to access during exercise.
  • Designed to accommodate Salomon softflasks, these front pockets reduce the sloshing effect. Top elastic loops keep your bottles perfectly within reach.
  • Large back pocket accessible from both sides.
  • Solid high quality zipper, guaranteed reliability.
  • Improve your bag by adapting the Custom Quiver attachment system which allows quick access to your poles and ensures good stability on the bag. Ready to use.
  • Move the elastic cords and loops to different places in the bag to create your ideal pole hook solution. front vertical / front diagonal / side diagonal / rear horizontal / Custom Quiver compatible (sold separately).