Yep, it's the first of the month. This moment that I love, my coffee on the right of the computer and my eyes riveted on the screen to write and erase because I do not know where to start.

And imagine ... Despite that, I am better at writing than at speaking in front of an audience. As soon as it becomes slightly joyful and emotional, I want to cry. But I know how to recover ... Janie, that's what I wanted to tell you last Wednesday:

Your so communicative smile, your light stride, your gentle way of breathing during the intervals, the innocence that hides in your eyes, the air of saying ... I don't even know why I'm so strong. You did it. You came back strong, very strong and even stronger than you already were.

The illness slowed you down, but it failed to stop you. It is your determination and your love of running that allowed you to return to the top, even higher than before.
It has nothing to do with the force of your blows. What matters is the number of hits you can receive while continuing to advance. This is how we win.

Rocky balboa

You were qualified and entered in the Boston Marathon in 2018. Do you remember? I do. Everything was going well and boom. It hit you in the face. Diagnosed, type 1 diabetes. You didn't race ... All this drain training and several weeks without being able to run.

It's easy to perform when everything is going well, but the real victory is knowing how to get up despite a difficult test of life over which we have no control.

You came to me after your half-marathon last Sunday and I knew by the beauty of your smile that you had done the right thing.

Just by your determination, we know that you are a winner. 21 kilometers in 1 hour 31 minutes… It's sublime!

Each month, I hesitate a little before naming the runner of the month, but not this time. I knew it was you ... Before you even took part in the race.

Go ahead, go for it and fly to the finish line of the Laval Marathon on June 2. Go get that qualification for Boston once more and stamp the sole of your shoes on Boylston Street in 2020 ... You deserve it so much.


Tout le succès à Janie!

— Carole Nadeau