Running Club 2024

Do you need a lens for the upcoming season?

Are you looking to improve while having fun, with a tailored plan and an effective training structure?

Don't hesitate any longer, choose your group and join us! We aim for enjoyment and health, but why not try to improve along the way?

The running club of Boutique Endurance was created for the first time in January 2006. The club's objective at that time was to promote running by offering specialized coaching for runners.

The club's schedule

Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm (at the store)

Sunday morning at 8:30 am (the long store outing)

The objectives

Aim for performance on a 5 km and/or a 10 km

Complete a half marathon and/or a marathon

Aim for performance on a half marathon and/or a marathon

Included in registration

. A semi-personalized training program for the entire duration of the package

. The Endurance team tank top

. 10% discount on regular-priced merchandise in-store (excluding electronics)

. Some track workouts when conditions allow (including 2 VMA tests)

. 50% discount on a personalized running program

Meet our coaches

Dominic Royer

Dominic is a kinesiologist, graduated in massage therapy, and has been the head coach of the endurance team since 2014.

His motto? "You must know and appreciate running slowly to become a good runner."

Pierre Léveillé

Pierre is the owner of the Endurance store. He has been a kinesiologist and coach since the club was founded in 2006.

His motto? The "peak" of our performance comes from following a progressive plan, being patient, and persevering.


Do not hesitate to contact our team!