You know what they say ... That there is only one runner to understand another. Let's be honest, our sport is unique, just like us.

My name is Dominic, I am a kinesiologist, massage therapist and long distance runner. I have been working at Endurance since 2014 and I am passionate about running. I am the trainer of the boutique running club and I launched the KinEndurance project in January 2015. This project aims to offer kinesiology services for runners.

I also have training in massage therapy and I am, in this sense, very proud to present to you, MassoEndurance. The purpose of MassoEndurance is to offer massage therapy treatments specially for runners, in a room provided for this purpose, directly at the store. The therapeutic massages offered by our services aim to avoid injuries, reduce pain and reduce aches.

For more details regarding our services, please contact me by email.

Dominic Royer, kinesiologist and registered massage therapist