Don de chaussures PAISAC

PAISAC's mission

The mission of PAISAC is to participate in the sustainable development of sport in African and Caribbean countries, members of the international Francophonie, and contribute to the enhancement of the role and function of the technical sports executive and / or the African coach. , by training and improving knowledge and skills, in the areas of training and education.

Three major objectives

Train and / or improve, in applied sciences in sport, high level coaches and / or trainers.

Train African women in applied sciences in sport, and give them the opportunity to get involved in the sports supervision of young girls, while promoting their integration into the sports system of their country, as coaches, trainers or leaders.

In the medium and long term, help Sport Organizations, Institutions and Federations to set up their own programs, drawing inspiration from the NCCP, while benefiting from educational tools and Canadian expertise in the field of training, so that they can better ensure their autonomy and self-sufficiency in a sustainable manner in this area.

Role of Boutique Endurance

The Endurance Boutique supports the PAISAC project through the donation of new or used shoes . It is mainly thanks to our customers that the project exists: each year, hundreds of customers donate their user shoes to the project.

Shoe donations Haiti

Following the disastrous earthquake on January 12, 2010 in Haiti Boutique Endurance to lend a helping hand by putting on some with running shoes. Donate your shoes and they will be sent to people who need them.