Delivery method

Following your purchase request, our advisers will check the availability of your goods.

The item will be automatically set aside and your payment will be accepted.

Items will be sent within 24 hours of acceptance of your payment via Canada Post.

At any time, you can cancel your order before sending your item through our services.

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Shipping cost

Garage pickup: Free *

International: $ 50.00 CAD

** Some regions in Quebec may see additional fees applied

Return policy

We offer a 30 day return policy after receiving the product. To be eligible, you must keep your invoice and the product in its original packaging . The return in the form of an exchange can be made directly in store or by delivery. If the return is made in person directly in store, we will offer you a refund via the online system or an exchange if necessary.

To make an exchange, please contact us by email:

With delivery mode, the product must have been sent to us within 30 days maximum after receipt of the latter. The amount will be refunded to the credit card used during the initial purchase. You must send us an email at with your request indicating "return" in the subject field. All shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility including return shipping and package shipping costs. We are not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transport when an item is returned to us.

The following products are not eligible for reimbursement:

- Special orders

- Gift card

- Accessories

- Promotions

- With Discount Codes

Secure payments

We accept VISA and MasterCard. All payments are made via our secure website. Charges will appear on your statement under "Boutique Endurance".

Order cancellation

At any time, you can cancel your order before sending your item through our services.

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Taxes will be taken into account when paying for your order. All the prices indicated on the site are taxes not included.

Coupons and Promotion

Coupons and promotions cannot be combined with products on promotion, we reserve the right to cancel an order if this point is not respected.

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