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Kinendurance services are for you if you want:

Know your fitness level and optimize your abilities;

Have your running technique assessed and perfected;

Increase your motivation to practice physical activities;

Resuming your training following an injury;
Start running gradually and safely;

Try an active approach to combat pain and improve your well-being.


You know what they say... that there is only one runner to understand another. Let's be honest, our sport is unique, just like us.

My name is Dominic, I am a kinesiologist, massage therapist and long distance runner. I have been working at Endurance since 2014 and I am a running enthusiast.

I also have a training in massage therapy and I am, in this sense, very proud to present to you, MassoEndurance. The goal of MassoEndurance is to offer massage therapy treatments especially for runners, in a room provided for this purpose, directly at the shop. The therapeutic massages offered by our services aim to avoid injuries, reduce pain and reduce aches.

The running clinic

Duration of 8 or 16 weeks

You need a goal for the next season

You are looking to improve while having fun, with an adapted plan and an effective training structure

Don't hesitate any longer, choose your group and join us! We aim for pleasure and health, but why not try to improve along the way?

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