'' Join a running club, me ?! Uh ... No music ?! Maybe I can't even speak while running! And I will slow down the group ... ''
Here is a small excerpt from my inner dialogue when, accompanying my daughter to buy shoes, Dominic asked me if I wanted to try an outing with the club.
Well orchestrated by a sensitive coach, available, attentive and direct (if you did not understand the first time, you will certainly understand the 2nd; SLOWS DOWN !!!), I can already say, after 2 months, that the club gave me solid, flexible support.
I appreciate being offered a route, a speed, a plan, in accordance with my objectives. I discovered a track to continue to evolve for a long time in running.
Whereas before I could procrastinate all morning before finally going for my long outing, now I happily anticipate getting up at 7:00 am on Sunday morning to go running with the gang!

Thank you Dom , for your advice and your interest in our personal projects. You are a skilled recruiter who made me feel like I always had a place in the group.
Alone, we go fast. Together, we go far.


I was a runner, I am a runner and I remained a runner! I have been running for several years. I have experienced highs, several in fact, and I have experienced lows ... several too but I always come back! I am passionate and when I joined the clinic a few years ago, I discovered a whole gang of enthusiasts like me. People of all horizons, of all ages and from different backgrounds and all so inspiring.

And what about Coach Dom ... the most lively and passionate among us. The one who always finds the words to motivate us, encourage us, get us back on track ... in short, a real one! He took me elsewhere in the race ... in fact, I went to Boston thanks to his support! He is the best coach!

Thank you the runners of the clinic ... for your encouragement, for your inspiring successes ... I am pampered, you are a real source of motivation.

I have incredible memories of certain races ... the one where the storm was raging, the one where runners accompanied me for my long pre-marathon outing a 30km at -30 degrees, the one where .... etc !!

Whenever I come back from my running clinic without exception, I feel great.
Proud to be yours, long life at the boutique clinic and its exceptional coach!


I started running at 52 years old. At that time, I was not even able to run around a corner without taking a break. 3 years and 3 months later, I participated in my first marathon and I completed it in 3 hours and 47 minutes. I am very proud of the road I have traveled, but what I am most proud of is that I continue to run despite the obstacles that can slow me down in my motivation.


''Where to start…

Isabelle H, Katherine and Nancy completed their half-marathon in 1h45 and 1h46 this year and they were very proud of them. Isabelle E. has just broken the 2h at the Toronto half marathon, without any injuries. Catherine, who has been running in 1:50 for the past few years, has fallen under 1:38 in Toronto. For his part, Phil is the most experienced in the group, he has just completed his 38 th marathon. Chantal and Sabine are inseparable and they giggle all the time. Gab and Jf, don't try to follow them, they're going too fast. Carlos, Luc and David, we don't really know how they do it, but they get better every year. Joël, Stéphane and Alex are new this year with the club and they have a lot of potential. Marie-Claude, Jasmine and Janie are also new this year, but they are so fast that it is scary. Sébastien, René, Martin and Stelio are veterans of the club and they are always ready to help you if you need help. Joanie is from Quebec and I always have to slow her down because she likes to go fast. Pat qualified for the Boston Marathon. Lucie and Fannie love to run and travel, they did Chicago and NY this year. Audrey, Pascale and Annabelle are always smiling and they run with great pleasure. Bert and Pierre are the great Manitous, we have an interest in listening to them if we want to improve. And finally, there's the coach. That's me! I have been a kinesiologist and the club's trainer since 2014. And that, well, it was the Endurance team, the best running club in Montreal.

Email me and join us for a free trial! ''


Email address: Dominic.endurance@gmail.com

This is my 4th year with the endurance team. It is not only a group of runners who do some shopping with a common tank top, but a gang of boyfriends who have fun, motivate themselves, who work as a team, get advice. A team whose passion for running is overflowing and we make it a healthy lifestyle.

This gang of runners, I love them and I am proud to be part of this family.

Come join us, come and get energized, you won't regret it! ''


'' I joined the endurance club to improve my performance because I felt like I had reached a plateau. I have been running for about 3 years. Dominic, our Coach and Pierre Léveillé the owner are warm people and very attentive. Their dedication, their passion, their expertise, their advice and their training program have allowed me to improve a lot and I could realize this year a dream that I could never have thought of: to qualify for New York and Boston!

Without reservation, I invite you to join us at the club regardless of your level! ''


'' I have been training with the Endurance team since 2013 with whom I have progressed every year! Endurance is the spirit of a team which combines experienced veterans and neophytes of the race where all are supervised by a coach who knows how to bring us to our greatest potential! ''


Whether it's the desire to improve or simply keep fit in a context of good humor, the Endurance Team and its passionate runners are recruiting for the 2017 season.

Are you looking for an individual program? A plan for your next road race in sight?
No matter your level and experience, the camaraderie is great!
This is the strength of the Endurance Team! ''


'' In order to get back into shape, I tried several activities and I finally found the one that I was most passionate about, running. After a few months of racing, I decided to improve by registering in 2013 for a running club: the "Endurance Team" club. Since then, the club has allowed me to understand the correct running technique in order to prevent injuries, to meet people as passionate as I am. And above all, it allowed me to follow a structured program and to adapt throughout the training, despite the minor injuries, to be a true marathon runner now. ''


'' My participation in the Endurance Boutique's running clinic allowed me to deepen my knowledge of training techniques, to act as a motivating element in my preparation for the half-marathon but above all to get to know qualified and friendly coaches and bond with a gang of racing enthusiasts! The atmosphere is pleasant, the pleasure at the meeting and the impressive results! Ready for the next challenge and the next Clinic! Thanks to the whole team! ''

Manon Boulianne :)

Hi Pierre, to you and to the whole team also a very good and happy new year 2012! With as you mention health at the meeting (the rest will follow ...;)). To the whole team of coaches, a big thank you for your support throughout 2011! We look forward to seeing you in 2012! Thank you for allowing such a beautiful gang to come together every week, to share passion, perseverance, surpassing, solidarity and friendship! Your programs and advice allow us to achieve personal and realistic goals. Over the years, the Endurance team has allowed me to better understand and appreciate the physical and mental components of running so as to to be able to make it a way of life today. ''

Marie Josée

'' Dear Endurance team, Thank you for supporting us in the maximum exploitation of our forces, for helping us to develop and even to surpass ourselves, for making us love racing whatever the conditions, at least 25C in the snow, as at + 30 C or in the rain, thank you for supporting my successes in marathons in Berlin, Rotherdam, New York, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa ... It is also thanks to the dynamism of your team that I have drew the motivation to continue, sometimes through adversity! Thank you Endurance! ''

Jeanne Evelyne

'' I am a follower of running from my native Abitibi when we were running with my father in Sorel boots in the snow. It's my sport, my therapy, I would even say, a passion. And even more since the day I set foot at Boutique Endurance. Instant love at first sight in front of this impressive multicolored wall of running shoes. I always find everything I need for all seasons from my collection of running shoes to my super Garmin, my clothes, accessories and much more: I get lots of advice from experienced people and it is a great added value. The employees are all runners at heart and at heart. And the big boss, he knows how to transmit his passion, he is an Olympian. So when he gives you a running thing ... he knows what he's talking about! So I gave myself a gift last summer to drop out of my daily life as a mother of 2 young children and to join their running clinics one evening a week. And since that time, my Wednesday intervals with my friends have been sacred! We learn to run better without getting injured and gain endurance while having fun! Thank you Boutique Endurance, with you I feel encouraged and motivated and I want to keep improving. After New York and Boston, I'm ready for Toronto! ''