The green love team… It's green vests and green toques everywhere in the shop.

Is it difficult to run in winter? Well not with us. If he or she can do it, everyone can do it too, because we are a family and we keep together.

My name is Dominic Royer, I am a kinesiologist and the trainer of the Endurance boutique running club since 2014. I am also a runner and very proud of this group that I train and that I adore.

Do you know what I find most remarkable about this team? It is that all the runners haul each other up. The question is not whether we will run tomorrow despite the cold or the snow, the question is what time will we return.

Don't be impressed by the fast runners ahead. Tell yourself that before being there, they were far behind the group to wonder if they really had their place in this league. Patience has done its work and they have become leaders today.

From beginner runners to those who wish to break down barriers, everyone has their place among us.

Dominic Royer, certified kinesiologist and massage therapist.