Discover the endurance team's runner of the month for September đź’š
What are you guys doing, playing on the grass in the left field? 2 men selected from the 9 runners of the month since the start of the season, that doesn't make you a big batting average. What is the problem? Are you afraid of getting dirty?
I say that, but I know that the concern does not even come from you ... The girls in the club are just too strong ...
And you especially, you hit us a solid homerun on September 22
Do you remember our discussion at the store related to your goal for the Montreal Marathon?
- What should I be targeting Dom?
- Sub 3h30
- Are you sure? Even with the little experience I have on this distance?
- You are worth sub 3:30, close it and run !!
14 weeks of specific training and you're marathon runner! 3 and a half months doing your homework, 6 races a week. You placed your marathon project at the top of your priority list, a list that was already full with work, university and 2 young children. Hat!
You said it again, you had the feeling that if you wanted to make an achievement in your sporting career, it was now! Back to training after 2 deliveries and at the dawn of your 35 years ... You did it !!!
3:29:56 and you were done with those 42 kilometers. First in your age category, 23rd out of 1,500 runners who finished the race and a qualification for the most prestigious marathon in the world. You put yourself under pressure for this first experience and you fully deserved this highest step of the podium.
I am proud of you Sophie Dumais, you are the runner of the month for the Endurance team!