A month to ask me every day who will be the next runner to see his name framed on the top of the wall of the shop.

Who deserves it this time? You are all good and you all work very hard. Almost no one gets hurt because you are wise and patient. Whenever there is an event that several of us are registered in… It results in many personal records and it makes me proud. Proud to be part of this great team.

Many   of you therefore deserve to receive this praise, but this month, the honor goes to the one who seems to excel in all areas…

You're like the perfect student. The kind of guy who respects the red light, even on foot. The kind of "dude" that improves so quickly that it makes other runners jealous. It is unfair, this disconcerting ease with which you cross all the stages. You don't even seem to force. We want to ask you ... Is it really your V5? You got rid of DDO in less than 19 minutes and I bet you would have continued after the 5th kilo. 1 year ago you said to me: '' I'm not sure I like road racing, we'll see. '' A chance for me that you are uncertain, otherwise you would be playing in my backyard!

In addition to being a model runner, you have the cheek ... The fat cheek ... It takes balls to do what you did many years ago. Give up your job to keep the fort at home and with children, and in this way ensure that your wife can better shine and develop in her job. You know what we say Math? In baseball… The best player on the team is your pitcher, but your most important player is your catcher, because it is thanks to his concealed work that the player on the mound shines.

Congratulations Mathieu Paquette , you are the endurance team runner of the month!