You are everywhere and it is almost disturbing. How are you doing? Do you have an 8th day in your week?

A few days ago, we were discussing ...

- Did you do all the volume that was requested, 6 times a week, despite your vacation?

- Yes. There was just a little more difficult outing on the last day, because I was flying, but I got up at 5am and went. ''

Why was I in no doubt before I even asked you the question? Because you're like that, you do the job.

You asked me a year and a half ago:

- Dom, how do we get to Boston?

- You have to be wise, patient and don't be afraid to go into the red… You know, the “fucking red zone”!

We are getting there ... We are on the right track. You do everything necessary to achieve this victory. It may not be as easy as you would have liked… Worse, what does it do? Shall we give up?

Well no, we continue to work hard and we move forward. You didn't become who you are today by giving up. When I look at you, I see no limit ... I only see the next challenge or the next mission that will follow your most recent success.

I put my hand on the fire that in 2020, we saber the champagne together to celebrate your feat. BQ 😉

If I had the right to buy a dream team club of 5 runners, I would take you on my team.

A positive leader like you in a group is worth gold. Thank you for running with us and for being present with your flamboyant energy and your pretty smile at each training. It wouldn't be the same without you.

Caroline Schoofs , you are the runner of the month for the Endurance Team.