• Hi, how are you? Available tonight?
  • Yes why?
  • 3x6 V21 2'I + 3x2 V10 1'I
  • I do not understand.
  • It's tonight's training with the group.
  • Do you want me to give training tonight?
  • Yes

And it was from that evening, in July 2014 that I became the trainer of the endurance team's running club.

It's us, in 2014…

I fell in love with the store and with this group that I train and love. In fact, it is not just a group, it is a family that we have formed for a few years. At the time, there were only about twenty runners. And since then, the number of registered runners has been increasing every year without losing the spirit that unites us.

Wednesday group a few weeks ago

Let's face it, they are magnificent! 😊

In 2017, we launched a 2nd group on Thursday evening to meet the needs of almost all riders. Everyone, according to their level, finds themselves there.

It's a great start to a weekend of running with them on Thursdays. I even allow myself to use the words of one of our runners ... Thursday evening I can't, I run.

We sometimes find it difficult to want to join a club, because it can seem intimidating and it can even seem useless.

"I am not aiming for performance, I just want to run for fun".

And if it was so much fun to run in a group that you came to run more often, it could become even more fun, right?

The idea is not to want to perform at all costs, nor to want to become the best runner. The concept is to play outside with friends and come back to the store with a huge smile, because we have successfully trained together.

The endurance team or, if you prefer, the Green Love Team from our green tank tops ... It's a magic that happens, the new ones are no longer new, they are ours from the first exchanges. Our running club is a sharing of experiences, encouragement and, beyond a sporting activity, it is the meeting point for a good time spent together.

What are you doing next Wednesday or Thursday evening?

I run. 😊