Altra Torin 6 (Female)

$150.00 $200.00
By Altra

Color: Navy Coral

Introducing the new Torin 6 model. This flagship road shoe model adapts to all types of roads, races and distances. Packed with features like our Altra EGO MAX midsole, Standard FootShape Fit and redesigned molded heel collar, this model is designed to perform optimally on any type of run while making your everyday endeavors easier.n.


• FOOTSHAPE toe box: Allows your toes to rest, and to extend naturally for more comfort and stability on climbs and descentss
• BALANCED CUSHIONING: Our Balanced Cushioning platform positions your heel and forefoot equidistant from the ground, promoting better alignment, form and low impact contactct
• INNERFLEX: Mesh grooves in the midsole allow your foot to be flexible while remaining lightweight for more speed and improved performancee
• FOOTPOD technology: This outsole technology truly maps the location of the bones and tendons in your foot, allowing them to bend and move naturallye
• EGOMAX: Our Altra EGO Max foam midsole provides luxurious lightweight performance with more rebound and increased durability..

Kind Coaching
Category Road
Support Neutral
Tilt 0mm
Weight 234g (8.3oz)