Brooks Catamount (Female)

$150.00 $200.00
By Brooks


If you like to go fast and far on the trails, the Catamount is your perfect partner. Lightweight, responsive cushioning is made for big adventures!


  • DNA FLASH: DNA FLASH mid foam is lightweight, durable and dynamic. It is designed to allow you effective training and faster recovery.
  • Ballistic Rock Shield: Reinforced thermoplastic coating between the outsole and the midsole that protects the forefoot by distributing the impacts of sharp objects.
  • TrailTack: The sticky TrailTack rubber outsole and lugs provide exceptional uphill and downhill traction, even on slippery surfaces.
  • Mud Guard: Protection against rocks, roots and trail debris
Kind Training - Competition
Category Path
Support Neutral
Tilt 6mm
Weight 249.5g (8.8oz)