Nike Zoom Fly 5 (Men)

By Nike

Color: White Black-Green Strike

The new Zoom Fly 5 is made from recycled Zoom X, the carbon plate is still present to ensure the dynamism of the shoe. Wider and firmer than before, it gains in stability, but it will accompany you just as well on your short and long outings at speed.


  • Newly integrated ZoomX foam in the midsole takes an already reliable and popular shoe to a higher level of performance than the Zoom Fly 4. This addition makes the cushioning system lighter and more responsive. Take advantage of these versatile features to free your stride, gain speed and have fun during your run.
  • The forefoot and heel are slightly wider to create a stable platform, perfect for tackling turns and long runs with confidence.
  • The carbon fiber plate provides a propulsive feel and smooth transitions at any pace. It gives a sense of rolling forward that propels you towards the finish line.


  • The upper is made from lightweight mesh for a softer, more breathable shoe that conforms to the shape of the foot.
  • Dynamic lacing and a snug fit wrap the midfoot for a contoured, secure fit.