ON Cloudsurfer (Male)


Color: Auburn Frost

Meet the On Cloudsurfer that opens the doors to next-dimensional, computer-optimized ultra-soft cushioning.

The CloudTec Phase midsole offers cutting-edge technology for an enjoyable running experience and landings like never before. Make waves with the Cloudsurfer and race towards a more responsible future thanks to computer-optimized content and dope dye technology that uses less water.au.


  • For an optimal feeling of cushioning, no chance has been left to chance. Our midsole features CloudTec Phase technology: the marriage of human intuition and computer optimization for cutting-edge cushioning..
  • As soon as your foot hits the ground, the CloudTec Phase gets to work. Cloud after cloud, the midsole collapses in sequence to provide a smooth heel-to-toe transition for an unparalleled running experience..
  • Design without plastic reinforcements. Made from 30% recycled materials. Made with dope-dye technology for water savings, because durability should not come second to comfort.t.
Kind Performance
Category Road
Support Neutral
Tilt 10mm
Weight 245g