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Identifier l'arche de son pied

Identify the arch of his foot

12 April, 2022 — Gabriel Slythe
Identifier sa foulée de coureur

Identify your running stride

12 April, 2022 — Gabriel Slythe
Définir ses objectifs de course

Set race goals

12 April, 2022 — Gabriel Slythe
Envie de débuter la course à pied?

Want to start running?

In my world, you don't need balls, pucks or sticks to have fun. You don't have to throw anything into a net, into a goal or into a basket to get your hands up in the air. You don't have to wait for a teammate or a friend to flourish and you don't have to reserve the tennis court, swimming lane or golf court to emancipate yourself.
That's how it goes in running, we just have to get out of the house with our running shoes and suddenly, we can have fun playing outside.
Almost 10 years ago, I put on running shoes for the first time. It lasted about twenty minutes and I had no idea which way to go ... What was the right technique, the right pace, the right number of times, the right shoes and should I alternate walking and running? I wasn't even at the stage of asking myself those questions. I was new and ignorant, but curious to run..
If I could go back, what advice would I have for her?
- Hey the 24-year-old Dominic who wants to discover this new way of life ...
I would start with walking and running. 1 minute of walking for 1 or 2 minutes of running. And instead of getting carried away by wanting to run every day, wait as often as possible 48 hours before setting off again to put on your espadrilles. That would be wiser and anyway, what good is the rush to improve if you like the process.

Don't ask left and right for advice, because you will end up getting lost among these hundreds of different opinions. Find yourself a coach and trust him. Have fun running as slowly as possible. Take very small steps at a rapid pace of around 180 steps per minute because it has less impact on the body. Go for a run in the parks to avoid the traffic lights and to admire the scenery.

Allow yourself to stop drinking water here and there and allow yourself to walk as needed to better enjoy the moment. Let others go beyond you and take advantage of this moment to smile, live and improve. For the technique, it's simple ... The back straight and tilted forward, the hands relaxed and at the height of the hips, the gaze far forward and slightly down, avoid skipping too much vertically and try to use as little energy as possible to move forward. For the rest, trust yourself ...

The body is an intelligent machine that adapts easily. Forget the miracle recipes, the thousands of interlocking tips, the hundreds of contradictory articles and the excel files more complicated than a periodic table. Running is pure and simple sport, keep it as crystal clear as possible.
To walk is to move and to move is to run. Running is health and health is life ... Go play outside Dom!

Text by Dominic Royer (trainer of the Endurance racing club)

13 October, 2021 — Equipe ONLINE

Because running is fun and I'm improving because I'm having fun.

Between the ages of 7 and 13, my playground was located in the alley behind my house. I would take my baseball glove, a tennis ball and draw a square on my neighbor's wall to form a target using my chalk.

 That's it, the game could begin ..

 I was the pitcher and I had to eliminate the invisible players I was up against. I would come home for a bite to eat for dinner and go out for the playoffs in the afternoon. It could go on for hours and I never saw the time go by.

 "Sorry my friend I can't play Nintendo with you I'm busy winning the world series."

 I didn't take days off except to go play real baseball or hockey with my friends. I didn't keep track of the number of minutes I spent in baseball. I didn't spend my free time looking for effective recipes to get good at it, because my free time was spent playing outside.

 I remember a trainer once telling me:

- Him: Do you know why Joshua Peley is the best 

- Me no.

- Him: Because he's the one who has the most fun on the pitch.

 A few years later in the running world ...

 We so-called running lovers only run 2, 3 or 4 times a week because of the lack of time. Either way, that's already good because Health Canada recommends moving at least 3 times 30 to 45 minutes per week..

 You never go out for 10 or 15 minutes if you don't have time, because it doesn't work! And if your kid answered you that ... "I'm not going to go and throw the ball to the basket for 10 or 15 minutes, because that's not enough to improve." You would be sad for him, because you know that there is no minimum time to go out and have fun playing his sport.. 

 We racing enthusiasts do not want to get hurt, but being in too much of a hurry to get good, we are wasting our time getting back to square one because we are crippled. As much as that, me Dom Royer, I prefer to be gentle with my body and have fun staying bad..

 We love running so much that we hurry to be done with this run to go and lie down on the sofa. We are so in love with this sport that we do not run when it is raining, when it is too cold, when it is too hot and when we are tired ... Whatever happens, tomorrow will surely be better to become a better runner..

 We keep comparing ourselves to others and we are envious of those who succeed more easily than us, while running is one of the most individual and personal sports that can exist. 

 We are ashamed to walk and take a sip of water if we feel tired ... As if it was a sign of cowardice. We even apologize to our friends if we are slower than them ... We feel guilty for slowing them down. Why are we embarrassed to say, '' Can you slow down, please! It hurts me to run fast and in this case I feel obligated and I don't like my moment. '' 

 Ah yes, last thing ... To you who asked me why 9000 km in 2020, why run so mucht?

 You just have to reread the title of this text, you'll understand.

09 March, 2021 — Dominic Royer
2020, je ne t’oublierai jamais…

2020, I will never forget you ...

If the door is locked, I won't force the lock. If it's locked, surely there is a good reason and I trust the judgment of the person who closed it. I will then turn back and open a new one.elle.

 I was running with a client the other day..

  • How many kilometers have we reached in our Dom race exit? 
  • How much do you train per week coachh?
  • How many kilometers do you want to do tomorrow?
  • Why are you running at 6:30 when you could easily run at 4:45?
  • Last question Dom Why set a goal of 8000 km in 2020? 

I have no idea how many kilometers we have covered since the start of our outing because I forgot we were running. I haven't done any running training in 2020, but have played runner almost every day and, even often, several times a day. Tomorrow I will do at least 1 km more than zero and I run at 6:30, 6:45 and even sometimes at 7 per kilo because I enjoy running slowly and I am never in a hurry to finish with this moment that I create. crée.

 And then..

 Thursday March 12, 2020, do you rememberu?

If we leave the country, it's 14 days of quarantine when we come back. The activities of the NBA, the NHL, the MLB and all other professional sports are ceased. Let's stay at home and see no one. We are closing borders, stores, almost all areas of health, gyms, restaurants, schools and everything in between. Running events are now very low on the priority list, and with good reason.

Let’s endure, be patient and shut it down as this global pandemic forces us to take a break from life. It sometimes gives me the impression that we would have to wait until 2021 or even possibly 2022 to live, smile and enjoy our moment.t.

 But no .. I don't want to wait until later to create my happiness and be happy. I don't have the taste to look at the sky and blindly wish that a new challenge falls into my hand.ain.

 2020, I will never touch the year when I almost ran around the world.nt. 

16 November, 2020 — Dominic Royer
Dominic Entraîneur du club de course Endurance nous parle d'objectifs en cette période

Dominic Trainer of the Endurance running club talks to us about objectives in this period

May 2014. I am a weight loss trainer and you know what is the most difficult for my clients? The retention period after they have reached their goal.

Losing weight is difficult, but the process is clear. Eat less / better and move more. What happens when they lose those 20 pounds? Are they "healed"? Not at all and this is the real challenge, knowing how to manage all this despite the fact that the maintenance objective is completely different and almost invisible.

May 2020. I am a trainer in running and you know what is the most difficult for my runners? The retention period after they have reached their goal.

In this period of unknowns, the objectives were not achieved, they were put aside and postponed. Nothing is clear anymore.

What exactly should I do coach? What is my next event? Where are we going?

There is no point in looking too far. You have to be patient, wise, regular and rigorous. With a monthly game plan, well defined weekly and with daily goals.

“A calendar on my slate wall… And I know what I have to do for the next month. Each week, the task at hand is clear and mindful of my limits. Every day, I set myself a realistic and motivating goal. 5 km of running? 10km of cycling? 10 minutes of weight training? 15 minutes of stretching? Eat at least 3 cups of vegetables? Walk 30 minutes? Drink 2 liters of water? Regardless, I have a simple goal and I will achieve it. ''

Come back, May 2014. The real success is not to lose these 20 pounds, it's to maintain. Find a way to motivate yourself every day to be careful even if losing weight is no longer a goal in itself. This is when we really win and we become unbeatable in the long term.

Back in May 2020. What if it was possible? And if we take advantage of this ignorant moment to become invincible. I am talking about learning to maintain what we have acquired and taking advantage of this moment to solidify our mental strength. It's easy to be motivated when there is an exam in 6 weeks. So talk to me about keeping this great motivation even if the reward is not tangible.

And you, what do you have planned for today?

18 May, 2020 — Dominic Royer
Gabriel Gabriel Slythe-Léveillé, employé et champion canadien au 400mH

Gabriel Gabriel Slythe-Léveillé, employee and Canadian champion in the 400mH

Overnight, I saw my little world fall apart in one simple decision, Canada will not participate in the next Olympic Games. Participating in the Olympic Games has always been a dream and a huge source of daily motivation. The simple fact of thinking that my goals are achievable and achievable helped me to surpass myself every day in training and to keep the focus on my target. Even if many could think that I was irrational in my fixed objectives as well as my choices made, that never prevented me from investing myself in what I believed to be my destiny, that is to try my luck towards the Olympic rings, no matter what it would imply. In fact, after my studies at the University of Sherbrooke completed in 2017, I wanted to accomplish what my two parents had achieved, namely to participate in the Olympic Games. Being Canadian champion in the 400m hurdles, I could imagine myself, realistically enough in my eyes, accomplishing this feat.

For me, 2020 was the culmination of a great project in which I had invested a lot of time, energy and money. Since January 2018, I spent the majority of the year in Europe, more precisely in Montpellier which is located in the south of France. Most of my physical preparation was done there, as well as the start of the competition season. I just spent a few months in Quebec during the year. I joined a professional group made up of a dozen athletes and an incredible coach, with whom I shared the same passion, athletics, as well as similar objectives. All in all, achieving my goals or not, was going to be able to prove to me that I had gone all the way, so that I could go out with my head held high, without any regrets. Living abroad over such a long period of time has not always been easy. More precisely, to move away, to isolate myself far from my entourage, to put my professional career on ice, to maintain my distant relationships with my close relations, I perceived all that as being difficult, but necessary sacrifices. In the end, I always kept in mind that doing what you love on a daily basis is simply priceless. It is certain that the moments passed, the individuals met as well as the experiences lived will forever be engraved in my memory.

If we return a few weeks earlier, I was in training camp in South Africa the two weeks preceding my return to Montreal on March 20. To be honest, I, like many people, had trouble understanding the situation the whole world is facing right now. No matter how I read and listen to the news every day, I never could have suspected the magnitude of the events. Careless, perhaps, but the fact remains that I did not feel in danger or even concerned in the face of this threat. When it all started in Canada and Quebec, I lived in an environment where everything was following its normal course since South Africa had not yet had any case.

It was not easy for me to accept the situation, even more considering that we were a few months away from the Games. In addition, I knew for the first time, a complete preparation for the season either without any injury or pitfalls. The camp in Africa was by far my most physically and psychologically successful intensive training camp, which allowed me to be optimistic about the summer season of 2020. As a first reflex, I saw at that time, not so far beyond the tip of my nose, only the impact on my season and on my physical condition. Above all, I questioned the reason for my investments in recent years. To the point that I was ready to do anything to stay in South Africa, to continue training as long as possible. I saw the possibilities of training in France or at home disappearing quietly, while here everything was still accessible. So I wondered why not be in an environment favorable to the achievement of my objectives while it was still possible. It took the intervention of my family and loved ones to, first, decide to come home and then make my return to Montreal a reality. This shows how much I had a "tunnel vision". Thanks to them, I was able to return safely and set foot in Canada while there was still time.

Still at the airport heading to Montreal on March 20, I never would have thought that postponing the Olympic Games was a possible option for anyone. I tried to imagine solutions to be able to train in the best conditions even knowing that everything was closed. What haunted me the most was imagining my competitors training in an environment that was not affected by the same constraints and difficulties as mine. Which would have led me to be at a disadvantage vis-à-vis them. Once back, it took me a few days to realize the extent of the virus. So, it was at this moment that I understood that the problem was much greater than the simple impact it had on my little sphere, on my training more precisely. Although hard to swallow, I already imagined myself not being able to compete this summer.

Canada's withdrawal from the Olympic Games was a heartbreaking decision for me. I would have lived well with the fact of not participating in the Games after having put the odds on my side. As I said earlier, I could have ended my sports career without regret. However, not participating because of a decision made for which I had no power and therefore that wiped out all of my investments in recent years, that never. With hindsight, I understand and support the decision made by the Canadian Olympic Committee. Although it was not an easy decision, it was the only logical decision that put the athlete and public health ahead.

I would be lying to you if I told you that postponing the Olympics to 2021 a few days later did not relieve me or give me a glimmer of hope. It is still too early to make a decision regarding my next 16 months. In fact, I want to make a thoughtful decision once my emotional outburst is gone, I have a clear picture, and most of all, the situation around the Covid-19 will allow it.

Until then, stay home and safe!

Gab Slythe

28 April, 2020 — Accumula Collaborator
Le récit du coach: traverser l'hiver en courant ❄️

The coach's story: running through winter ❄️

October 2019.

At the Chicago marathon… I did it, I finally broke the 2:40 barrier that had haunted me since 2015. 2:39 and 50 seconds. By far, my greatest success in running so far. After running more than 5000 km in less than 10 months, I managed to reach my goal and I immediately felt like the king of the world.

November 2019…

It's calm and almost nothing on the counter. I run very unofficially. If I want to put on my running shoes, I do, but it results in very inconclusive weeks. I have no problem with that. This is what I wanted, well deserved rest.

December 2019…

The story repeats itself. I lack motivation to put on my shoes. I am tired, I feel heavy and lack of energy after only a few kilometers at low speed. I wonder how I managed to run 42km at 3'47 '' per kilo. While there, I feel exhausted from running at 6 per kilo for 5-6 kilometers. I don't worry about that because it's the best time to feel like that and in perfect harmony with my annual planning.

January 2020…

I delicately increase my volume. I still feel heavy and much slower than in October, but I tell myself that if I go slowly, the body will find good sensations in a few weeks. There's no point in wanting to run fast, or even trying to do long intervals. I know that speed will come back and I prefer, for the moment, to solidify my bone, ligament and tendon structures by being patient and gentle with my body. It is this wisdom that will allow me to experience another great season without major boo-boos.

February 2020…

I continue on my momentum and I continue to increase my volume. I advance to 6 per kilo, I still do not put pressure with the sets of speeds (interval training). I know that I gain by running slowly and that allows me to increase the distances and the training frequencies. By the same token, I avoid damaging my body by inflicting too much intensity at the start of the season. I will allow myself to slightly lower my volume next week to possibly insert a little more intensity and speed difference. I don't feel rushed at all, but I have to be aware that the season is going on and events are approaching.

It's hard for everyone to run in winter. It's cold, the days are short, the roads are snowy, the wind is sometimes freezing, but you have to find a way to motivate yourself to put on your running shoes. In my opinion, almost all the ways are good to incite to deposit a few kilometers. Run to work, run errands, buy a treadmill, go indoor or to the gym, or even run when the weather is cooler outside.

The objective at this time is not performance. All top athletes have an annual calendar that includes rest periods. For most of us, it is in the fall that we must reach our full potential, not in March. Right now, we want to give rest to our body with low intensity workouts. Especially since it is much easier to find the motivation to run in winter conditions when you know that a relatively easy session awaits us. 😊

I leave you, I put my shoes on and I run.

24 February, 2020 — Dominic Royer
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Team Green Love!

Team Green Love!

To our beautiful team of Endurance runners, we wish you a lot of fun and wonderful racing outings for this year 2020 which officially started this morning 💚
20 January, 2020 — Accumula Collaborator
Allez, on se voit dimanche! 😊

Come on, see you on Sunday! 😊

The green love team… It's green vests and green toques everywhere in the shop.

Is it difficult to run in winter? Well not with us. If he or she can do it, everyone can do it too, because we are a family and we keep together.

My name is Dominic Royer, I am a kinesiologist and the trainer of the Endurance boutique running club since 2014. I am also a runner and very proud of this group that I train and that I adore.

Do you know what I find most remarkable about this team? It is that all the runners haul each other up. The question is not whether we will run tomorrow despite the cold or the snow, the question is what time will we return.

Don't be impressed by the fast runners ahead. Tell yourself that before being there, they were far behind the group to wonder if they really had their place in this league. Patience has done its work and they have become leaders today.

From beginner runners to those who wish to break down barriers, everyone has their place among us.

Dominic Royer, certified kinesiologist and massage therapist.

15 January, 2020 — Dominic Royer
Coureur(se) du mois de Septembre

September runner

Discover the endurance team's runner of the month for September 💚
What are you guys doing, playing on the grass in the left field? 2 men selected from the 9 runners of the month since the start of the season, that doesn't make you a big batting average. What is the problem? Are you afraid of getting dirty?
I say that, but I know that the concern does not even come from you ... The girls in the club are just too strong ...
And you especially, you hit us a solid homerun on September 22
Do you remember our discussion at the store related to your goal for the Montreal Marathon?
- What should I be targeting Dom?
- Sub 3h30
- Are you sure? Even with the little experience I have on this distance?
- You are worth sub 3:30, close it and run !!
14 weeks of specific training and you're marathon runner! 3 and a half months doing your homework, 6 races a week. You placed your marathon project at the top of your priority list, a list that was already full with work, university and 2 young children. Hat!
You said it again, you had the feeling that if you wanted to make an achievement in your sporting career, it was now! Back to training after 2 deliveries and at the dawn of your 35 years ... You did it !!!
3:29:56 and you were done with those 42 kilometers. First in your age category, 23rd out of 1,500 runners who finished the race and a qualification for the most prestigious marathon in the world. You put yourself under pressure for this first experience and you fully deserved this highest step of the podium.
I am proud of you Sophie Dumais, you are the runner of the month for the Endurance team!
07 October, 2019 — Dominic Royer