If the door is locked, I won't force the lock. If it's locked, surely there is a good reason and I trust the judgment of the person who closed it. I will then turn back and open a new one.elle.

 I was running with a client the other day..

  • How many kilometers have we reached in our Dom race exit? 
  • How much do you train per week coachh?
  • How many kilometers do you want to do tomorrow?
  • Why are you running at 6:30 when you could easily run at 4:45?
  • Last question Dom Why set a goal of 8000 km in 2020? 

I have no idea how many kilometers we have covered since the start of our outing because I forgot we were running. I haven't done any running training in 2020, but have played runner almost every day and, even often, several times a day. Tomorrow I will do at least 1 km more than zero and I run at 6:30, 6:45 and even sometimes at 7 per kilo because I enjoy running slowly and I am never in a hurry to finish with this moment that I create. crée.

 And then..

 Thursday March 12, 2020, do you rememberu?

If we leave the country, it's 14 days of quarantine when we come back. The activities of the NBA, the NHL, the MLB and all other professional sports are ceased. Let's stay at home and see no one. We are closing borders, stores, almost all areas of health, gyms, restaurants, schools and everything in between. Running events are now very low on the priority list, and with good reason.

Let’s endure, be patient and shut it down as this global pandemic forces us to take a break from life. It sometimes gives me the impression that we would have to wait until 2021 or even possibly 2022 to live, smile and enjoy our moment.t.

 But no .. I don't want to wait until later to create my happiness and be happy. I don't have the taste to look at the sky and blindly wish that a new challenge falls into my hand.ain.

 2020, I will never touch the year when I almost ran around the world.nt.