May 2014. I am a weight loss trainer and you know what is the most difficult for my clients? The retention period after they have reached their goal.

Losing weight is difficult, but the process is clear. Eat less / better and move more. What happens when they lose those 20 pounds? Are they "healed"? Not at all and this is the real challenge, knowing how to manage all this despite the fact that the maintenance objective is completely different and almost invisible.

May 2020. I am a trainer in running and you know what is the most difficult for my runners? The retention period after they have reached their goal.

In this period of unknowns, the objectives were not achieved, they were put aside and postponed. Nothing is clear anymore.

What exactly should I do coach? What is my next event? Where are we going?

There is no point in looking too far. You have to be patient, wise, regular and rigorous. With a monthly game plan, well defined weekly and with daily goals.

“A calendar on my slate wall… And I know what I have to do for the next month. Each week, the task at hand is clear and mindful of my limits. Every day, I set myself a realistic and motivating goal. 5 km of running? 10km of cycling? 10 minutes of weight training? 15 minutes of stretching? Eat at least 3 cups of vegetables? Walk 30 minutes? Drink 2 liters of water? Regardless, I have a simple goal and I will achieve it. ''

Come back, May 2014. The real success is not to lose these 20 pounds, it's to maintain. Find a way to motivate yourself every day to be careful even if losing weight is no longer a goal in itself. This is when we really win and we become unbeatable in the long term.

Back in May 2020. What if it was possible? And if we take advantage of this ignorant moment to become invincible. I am talking about learning to maintain what we have acquired and taking advantage of this moment to solidify our mental strength. It's easy to be motivated when there is an exam in 6 weeks. So talk to me about keeping this great motivation even if the reward is not tangible.

And you, what do you have planned for today?